Scrotal Scan

A scrotal scan is a simple and painless procedure.

A clear gel will be applied to the scrotal sac, this will transmit soundwaves, a probe will then be moved over the testicular area, using sweeping movements it will help to produce the soundwaves that will transmit to the ultrasound scanner. The sound waves will then bounce off the organs and the microphone on the scanner will link to a computer that will then turn the soundwaves sent into pictures.

A scrotal scan is a low-risk procedure, there is no radiation exposure, it should be pain-free, you may just experience a little bit of discomfort as the probe is moved around the scrotal area, but it shouldn’t cause you any pain.

A scrotal scan will usually take around 30 minutes. It can confirm whether a lump is a solid one or a filled one (a solid one can indicate a tumour, a filled one is usually a cyst).

A scrotal scan is usually needed if there is an unusual lump or swelling that needs investigating, you should wear loose comfortable-fitting clothing. You may be asked to wear a gown for the procedure and remove any jewelry.

Before the scrotal scan, you shouldn’t need to do anything beforehand, no dietary restrictions will be required and there is no need for a full bladder.

Once the procedure is over the gel will be removed and you will be able to get dressed and return to your usual activities. There should be no recovery time needed.

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Family Protection Dogs for Sale

Are you searching for family protection dogs for sale? You will most probably be spoilt for choice with what appears when you are searching on the internet.

How can you be sure you are buying a family protection dog that is suitable for you and your family? Well firstly we would suggest you do some research on the type of family protection dog you want, the companies that you are planning to buy from and speak to your family, you must be certain that they are on board with getting a family protection dog too!

Family and their dog

When looking at family protection dogs for sale the most popular breeds to choose from are German shepherds, giant schnauzers, and Dobermans, all these breeds make perfect family & personal protection dogs due to their temperaments and loyalty plus their natural ability to protect, they are also known to be lo0ving family pets.

The next thing when looking for family protection dogs for sale is to research the company you may be thinking of buying from, a family protection dog is an expensive purchase but one that should be worth its weight in gold so you want to confident in the dog’s ability to protect and be a loving family pet, this can only be achieved if the dog has been properly trained, we suggest reading reviews or talking to a family member or friend that may have already purchased a family protection dog.

Lastly and most probably the most important thing when looking for family protection dogs for sale is to make sure your family are on board with having a dog around the house, dogs are a huge responsibility and must be looked after properly, a good protection dog will not only be there to protect you and your family but should be a loyal, fun and loving pet also, and must be treated as part of the family and not just a “guard dog” this will ensure that you get the best out of your dog. This relationship needs to work both for the dog and you and your family.


Magnetic Catches

Magnetic catches are widely used to keep doors of cupboards and cabinets in place once they are closed. They are usually fitted on the inside of the cupboard door so that they cannot be seen from the outside.

Fitting magnetic catches can save you having to fit hinges to the door, they are much easier to fit than hinges and work just as well if not better.

If you have that annoying kitchen door that keeps swinging open by itself, magnetic catches could be the answer, there are lots of videos online that can show you how to install one, they really are a simple cost-effective way of keeping your cupboards closed.

Magnetic catches come in various sizes and you can choose many options such as clip-in ones, surface mounted and touch latches.

Within the magnetic catch range, you can also buy something called Elite catches, these are specially designed for shaker style kitchen cabinets, they are very quick and easy to install and usually come with only one screw fixing. They should allow the cupboard door to shut silently and you can even have your company logo branded on the elite catch leaving your mark on every elite catch that you have installed.

Most companies that sell magnetic catches and elite catches should offer next day delivery and if you buy in bulk you should be able to get a discount for volume buying.

In the magnetic catch range, you can also buy economy catches, these are perfect for many applications both in commercial and domestic situations. They will come in a range of colours such as black, brown, white, cream and chrome plated finishes. The economy catches also come in a wide range of sizes to suit every cupboard. They will normally come with a counter plate but without fixing screws and the maximum holding force is from 1kg up to 6kg.

Kitchen Cupboards



How is Forging used in day to day life? There are lots of things forging is used in, things that we use daily and probably do not even think about, here we look at some of the things that forging is used for.

Everyday kitchen items may have been forged, things such as cutlery, knives and can openers. In the industrial sector, many mechanisms used forged items things such as gears, chain drives and brakes and clutches. Many other tools such as gardening tools, hammers, wrenches, and pliers will all have been made using the forging process.

There are many different types of forging available, some of them are drop forging, press forging and hot and cold forging.

The main process of forging is a manufacturing procedure where basically a piece of metal is moulded into the desired shape by using a hammer using many blows and heat the metal can be forged into its desired shape.

Most metals can be forged, however, if the carbon content is over 2 %, that metal is called cast iron and because of its low melting point and it is so brittle it cannot be forged.

Many tools are used in forging, they are used to move, clamp and support. A blacksmith will need an anvil and a punch and chisels and hammers.

The forging process creates a tougher part than casting would, this can be determined by a tensile test. Also, you can tell if something was cast or forged by the look of the grain structure.

Forgings are stronger than castings and are more durable and reliable. It increases the strength of heat and pressure applied. Although compared to casting forging is more expensive for the initial cost. Forging cannot produce complex shapes as casting can. Size can be limited depending on the size of the press you have.


Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham

If you are looking for Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham, it’s important to go to a reputable supplier who knows what they are doing. The product is developed by Autowatch, a South African company expert in vehicle security.

How Does a Ghost Immobiliser Work?

A Ghost Immobiliser is at the forefront of vehicle security, offering protection from key cloning, hacking and keyless car theft. It is a small discreet device with no key-fobs or indicators, installed by an approved supplier, undetectable to a car thief.

The Ghost Immobiliser uses buttons in your vehicles such as the steering wheel, centre console or door panels to make a unique pin code sequence which must be entered before you can drive the car. The engine will not start until the pin code is entered correctly. Unable to be detected by common thieves’ diagnostics or radio signals. The Ghost Immobiliser communicates with the Engine Control Unit in the vehicle on the CAN data circuit. This stops the thief trying to bypass the system with a new key or replacing the ECU as only the correct pin code allows the vehicle to start.

Key Features of the Autowatch Ghost

  • No wire cutting for safer installations
  • Unique PIN code via buttons on steering wheel/dash
  • Undetectable using diagnostics
  • Unable to be bypassed using standard theft methods
  • No radio frequency signals
  • No additional fobs
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • Silent, no relay operation
  • Unique user changeable PIN code
  • Service / Valet mode so the PIN code is never compromised
  • Secure unique emergency code should the PIN be forgotten


Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham