Scrotal Scan

A scrotal scan is a simple and painless procedure.

A clear gel will be applied to the scrotal sac, this will transmit soundwaves, a probe will then be moved over the testicular area, using sweeping movements it will help to produce the soundwaves that will transmit to the ultrasound scanner. The sound waves will then bounce off the organs and the microphone on the scanner will link to a computer that will then turn the soundwaves sent into pictures.

A scrotal scan is a low-risk procedure, there is no radiation exposure, it should be pain-free, you may just experience a little bit of discomfort as the probe is moved around the scrotal area, but it shouldn’t cause you any pain.

A scrotal scan will usually take around 30 minutes. It can confirm whether a lump is a solid one or a filled one (a solid one can indicate a tumour, a filled one is usually a cyst).

A scrotal scan is usually needed if there is an unusual lump or swelling that needs investigating, you should wear loose comfortable-fitting clothing. You may be asked to wear a gown for the procedure and remove any jewelry.

Before the scrotal scan, you shouldn’t need to do anything beforehand, no dietary restrictions will be required and there is no need for a full bladder.

Once the procedure is over the gel will be removed and you will be able to get dressed and return to your usual activities. There should be no recovery time needed.

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